Benefits of fitted wardrobes over freestanding wardrobes

If you plan on redesigning your apartment, or moving into a new one, utilizing your home space should be a factor to consider. Having a wardrobe that fits seamlessly into your apartment and accommodates all your clothes is a lifesaver.

If you haven’t considered the perks of having a fitted wardrobe over a freestanding wardrobe then you should. Because we the FCI London designer highly recommend it.

Fitted Wardrobes Vs. Freestanding Wardrobes

Read on to discover why fitted wardrobes are fast becoming a popular trend.


Almost every one of us wants to have a say in what our wardrobes should look like. There is always this specific design we have in mind, which we are sure would look fabulous in our bedroom. A fitted wardrobe would be designed specifically for your needs and preference. You get to design the space lines to your requirements, the number of rails, shelves, and compartments you need. Also, you can decide to include a shoe rank as well. With a bespoke fitted wardrobe, you can get enough compartments for all your accessories.

fitted vs freestanding wardrobes

There is more, you can get the mirror you desire with a fitted wardrobe, and that’s because you are in charge of the design. You can go for full-length mirrors on the doors of your wardrobe, that way it creates a bigger illusion of your room.

This is a benefit that is most times ignored, but you can fit in a custom light to your wardrobe. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

It automatically illuminates the interior shelves, and you won’t need to light up the whole room on a cloudy day.

Easy to clean

In a situation where you get a measured fitted wardrobe, there would be no unnecessary gaps that would store or collect dust – unlike a freestanding wardrobe. Freestanding wardrobes are filled with irksome holes that would at the slightest gather up a whole lot of dust and knickknacks.

With a fitted wardrobe, there would be no need to inconvenience yourself by stretching with a feather duster to clean the top of your wardrobe. That’s because it is custom-designed to fit your ceiling. Now you get to clean only where matters, thereby saving yourself stress and time.

Flexibility in price

With a fitted wardrobe, you get to be in charge of the design, material and hence control the price. You can go for what you exactly need to cut down cost unlike with the freestanding wardrobe. When working on a limited budget, a fitted wardrobe would provide more value than a freestanding wardrobe.

fitted wardrobes

Utilize space

A fitted wardrobe would always maximize space. This can sometimes be underrated, but the benefits are numerous.

First, you can have it tailored to fit the size of your bedroom, whether big or small. That way, you know what exact measurements work for you, and what size of wardrobe to go for. Alternatively, you can put it in any corner of your apartment that is not being properly utilized. For instance, the space below your stairs and L-shaped corners can be used to fit in the wardrobe.





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