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Guide to buy Living Room Armchair

Living Room Armchair: Buying Guide

Whatever style of living room chair you choose, keep in mind that it will essentially have to meet your expectations in terms of design and comfort so that you can fully enjoy it.

The choice of a living room armchair is first and foremost determined by the tastes and favorite styles of each individual. Then comes the use you will have of it, whether your living room chair will be used daily or if it will have more of a function of the booster seat. This last point will allow you to see more clearly about the shape and degree of comfort of your lounge chair:

  • Seated
  • Folder
  • Armrests
  • Rocking chair…

A good living room armchair must fulfill two functions simultaneously: to offer a cozy and comfortable nest to all your daydreams, but also to add life and personality to your interior decoration! The variety of styles, materials, and configurations allows you today to design a tailor-made relaxation area for your living room.

What configuration?

The living room armchair, as its name suggests, is above all intended to furnish the main room specially meant for your relaxation as well as for the reception of your guests. In this configuration, it will serve most of the time as an extra seat for a large sofa of 2, 3, or 4 places, of which it will also usefully reduce the massive and bulky character. It is then possible and even recommended to opt for a matching set: a configuration of the 3 + 1 seater or 1 + 1 seater type (for a cozy tea room atmosphere) should be considered, as should the addition of a chaise longue to “close” your lounge area.

On the other hand, buying a cheap armchair can also be very useful on your own, for example, to furnish the corner of a bedroom or to set up a quiet reading corner in the office.

Should you match your armchair with your sofa?

Once again this point must be adapted according to the expectations of each one and all cases can be considered.

You can of course choose your living room armchair according to your sofa in order to stay in the same spirit or on the contrary, opt for a radically opposite style.

One can, for example, imagine a very contemporary sofa, associated with a retro-inspired living room armchair, or vice versa.

arm chair

Houses of the world armchair

Design, comfort, and singularity come together for an ALVEN Single Lounge Chairs.

There are many styles, to better meet the expectations of each and it is sometimes a garden armchair, in leather, velvet, or even retro.

Vintage salon armchair

A vintage armchair is ideal for bringing a retro touch to our living rooms. This trend is in fact more up-to-date than ever, and vintage-style pieces of furniture are particularly in demand to enhance or perfect many interior styles. As a result, there is a considerable choice in the matter and the vintage armchair is no exception.

How to choose the right living room chair

With the sofa, it dresses your room and creates that atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation so sought after in this space where friends and family, good times are shared. Your chair must therefore be beautiful. But in addition to aesthetics and style, it should also be comfortable and solid. What material, what style, what color to choose?. Here are tips for finding the chair of your dreams.


Any Solid Wood Chair, Metal Legs Living Room Chair should be comfortable. Choosing the type of seat will therefore be essential. The comfort of the seat depends greatly on the type of padding. It will also depend on the design and the solidity of the materials. Depending on your desires and preferences, you will therefore have the choice between a fairly imposing back support, a fairly firm and high seat, or much softer.

For maximum comfort, however, try to find a good balance. In other words, a seat that is neither too hard nor too soft. It will all depend on the type of padding you choose. You will be spoiled for choice.

Choose a foam density according to the frequency of use envisaged for your chair:

The choice of the density of the foam of your chair will be essential so that it can ensure the desired comfort. This density is measured per kilo per m3 and should therefore be chosen according to the frequency of use of your seat:

For the coating

You can choose between fabrics, leather, or synthetic materials. To make your choice correctly, however, take into account both practicality and aesthetics. Note that the type of coating to choose will depend mainly on the type of use and your daily habits. If you have children or if you plan to eat in your chair, you can choose simple-care surfaces or removable cushions.

Dimensions and colors

Remember to take into account the space available in your living room before choosing your chair. It should indeed fit alongside the other furniture already in the room without imposing itself or standing out too much. To do this, consider harmonizing colors, shapes, and styles, but if you like originality, nothing will prevent you from mixing styles and colors, giving free rein to your imagination.

living room chair

For style

Style question, the possibilities will be multiple. From the most classic to the most designer, through the most sophisticated, you will be spoiled for choice when choosing your chair.

Whatever your style or the atmosphere to create in the living room, you will therefore always be able to find the most suitable armchair. For a touch of authenticity in a retro or modern setting, a vintage armchair or a Club armchair in chocolate-colored sheepskin leather will be ideal.

Finally, if the need to relax comfortably is one of your priorities, then you can choose from the wide range of relaxation chairs or lift chairs available in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and colors.






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