How TikTok Has Influenced People’s Travel Plans in 2022?

Gen Z and younger millennials are keen TikTok users, with many passionate travellers dedicating their time to creating content sharing their top travel tips, advice, and some serious travel inspiration.

Whether you want to see some of the natural wonders of the world, soak in some scenic views or explore some of the world’s most beautifully designed cities, you could find your next must-visit destination on TikTok.

And after several years of severely restricted travel, it is perhaps no surprise that social media platforms like TikTok are fuelling travelers’ desires to get out there and explore the world.

Plus, with Gen Z leading the way on this particular social platform, travel content is only set to increase. Why? Well, this is the generation that is spending more of their money on dining and travel than they were in pre-pandemic times despite having less money in savings than older generations. With a clear desire to invest in experiences rather than possessions, the travel hashtags on this fast-moving platform are bursting with inspiration, information, and some seriously beautiful views.

How TikTok Has Influenced People’s Travel Plans in 2022?

The Most Viewed Locations on TikTok

Here are just a few of the top locations that you are likely to stumble across when looking for travel related TikTok content.

1. Disney World in Orlando Florida

How TikTok Has Influenced People’s Travel Plans in 2022 - isney World in Orlando Florida

Garnering more than 8.6 billion views, TikTok videos from Disney World in Orlando Florida are clearly extremely popular. As the destination welcomes approximately 20 million visitors per year, it arguably isn’t much of a surprise to see this topping the list, particularly because it offers an array of TikTok-able moments from meeting characters to tucking into tasty treats.

2. The Burj Khalifa in the UAE

Videos showcasing Dubai’s Burj Khalifa skyscraper have clocked up a collective 1.9 billion TikTok views, with this landmark attracting more than six million visitors per year. The world’s tallest building will continue to draw in travellers from across the globe for a long time to come, particularly with its enduring popularity on the TikTok platform.

3. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Garnering some 720 million views, one of the most romantic cities in the world clearly continues to captivate our imaginations. Particularly popular in the fall season, TikTok videos from this magical location  see creators cozying up in Parisian fashions to take a trip to this iconic landmark.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Other consistently popular locations on TikTok include the Taj Mahal in Agra, India with videos from this enormously significant monument attracting more than 370 million views. Arizona’s Grand Canyon closely follows, with a total of more than 273 million views, with the Las Vegas Strip earning some 259 million views.

As with all social media platforms, travel content on TikTok is to a certain extent led by trends. However, the sheer number of travel content creators on the platform means that it is easy to find content that appears to be perfectly tailored to your personal travel style.

But It’s Not Just TikTok

Instagram is another platform that continues to inspire our choices regarding everything from travel destinations to restaurants. The food community is consistently popular on Instagram, with creators clamoring to visit hospitality venues that consistently make it onto the latest most Instagrammed restaurants list. Not only do these businesses deliver mouthwatering food, but they also serve up these spectacular creations within beautiful surroundings with picture-perfect lighting.

But It’s Not Just TikTok

For example, a hashtag search for Sketch, which can be found in London’s Mayfair district, immediately delivers more than 80,000 pieces of Instagram content ranging from still images to reels and videos. Bob Bob Ricard is another enduringly popular restaurant, with more than 26,000 posts tagging the place that houses the iconic ‘press for champagne’ button.

Need A Vacation?

Then why not consider searching for inspiration on social media? After all, it isn’t always easy to decide where to go on your next vacation. And then you need to think about what should be at the top of your must-see and must-do lists while you’re there. Turning to social media and searching a few hashtags can instantly provide you with a wealth of inspiration that could make your next break or dinner out with friends one of your best ever experiences that is memorable for all the right reasons.


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