7 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Photography Skills

Instagram has become a prevalent platform to share photos and videos of everything and anything. Even though it is popular, many people have no idea how to make their photos excellent and presentable. They try to create the perfect image but end up with images that aren’t very good or taken in a low-quality setting. If you’re interested in improving your photography skills on Instagram, here are some great ways to do it.

Take Good Photos

If you’re looking to extend your digital photography skill set yet again, check out Instagram specific tutorials or course programs such as Lynda and Skillshare to sharpen your skills with Instagram shots. You can learn how to position yourself correctly when taking an Instagram shot, and you’ll learn the right settings to use when uploading your images to Instagram. You’ll see how to use guidelines effectively. Gridlines are great to guide the viewers of your pictures and help them stay focused on your photo. Guidelines will also help keep your image from clipping if you’re taking a landscape or other type of photo with your camera.

Taking good photos on Instagram attracts other users towards your Instagram account. You’ll start gaining organic Instagram followers ultimately. Catchy pictures also get more Instagram likes. This way, you don’t end up buying Instagram followers from any service provider whether the service seller is trusted or not.

Taking fantastic Instagram photos on your smartphone

People who take Instagram photos on their smartphones know that the key to a great shot is taking the picture from the best angle possible. To get the best grade, use the available tools on your smartphone to create filters that will alter the lighting in your shot. Use a timer to lighten the mood in your image or make the background lighter. Another useful trick to use is to align yourself with the sun.

Using a broader angle on your smartphone

As mentioned earlier, you can use filters on your Instagram photos to enhance your image’s quality. However, some people prefer to take their pictures directly from their camera instead of editing their photos to fit their smartphones’ smaller screen. If you choose to shoot straight from your phone, you need to stand directly behind the subject of your image, which often makes your shots look unreal. The trick to getting the effect you want from a broader angle on your smartphone is to raise your camera to about five times its normal angle. Taking your shot straight from your camera would not give you the same effect, so raise your camera to this level to grab your audience’s attention.

improve instagram photography

Select Ideal Size

For anyone who uses Instagram to share their photography with the world, you know that filling the picture with a lot of white space is one of the best ways to reduce your image size. However, filling your shot with too much white space can distort your images because you’ll sacrifice color. So, fill your picture with as much paint as you can. This way, you’ll be able to create an interesting visual effect while making the image look more prominent. If you’re taking a shot in natural light, filling your picture with a saturated and bright color will make your prints look washed out. Instead, fill your photo with varying shades of gray and brown.

Use Proper Formats

Another great Instagram tip to remember is to post your images in the proper format. There are several different formats available for your Instagram images, but the photo format is by far the most popular. The photo format is recommended for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on digital cameras yet want to take advantage of the ease and flexibility. If you’re taking an image of a large billboard or something of importance, then the photo format is the one for you.

Proper Light

Instagram Tips for taking the absolute best photo possible on your smartphone: When it comes to shooting your Instagram photographs to post shared, you have to keep in mind that light plays a significant factor. If you’re shooting in low lighting conditions, your image will come out dull and blurry. So, if you have to use soft quality lenses, invest in some good ones. It is preferred to have the camera on autofocus, so your Instagram photos will come out clear and crisp.

Not being afraid to shoot in various settings

A few more great Instagram photography tips include not being afraid to shoot in various settings and taking pictures of different places that fit the style of your Instagram page or images you are trying to share. Everyone loves to vacation. If you can blog about your travels and post pictures from different locations around the country or around the world, you’ll find that lots of people will start following you and bugging you for your Instagram photographs. The same holds when it comes to taking pictures of your family and putting together different shots of your pets. If you can post these photos on your page, you’ll soon find that many people will ask you where you got these lovely shots of your family.

tips to improve instagram photography

Instagram is all about photos. Basically, it was initiated as a fun photo sharing app. Later after, it has become a powerful marketing tools due to its popularity in social media community. It’s now crucial to create high-quality visual content to get success on Instagram. Visiting IGFollowers Blog can help in these regards as it is full of Instagram helpful content.






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